BRITISH SEA POWER have revealed that the inspiration for one of the songs on their forthcoming album came from an unusual source – famed seafood chef Rick Stein.

In an interview with NME, the group's guitarist MARTIN NOBLE said that he has not asked frontman Yan why he based a track on the culinary whizz, stating: "I think he just likes him."

He added that it is hoped the album, which is the group's fourth and follows in the footsteps of 2008's Mercury Prize-nominated DO YOU LIKE ROCK MUSIC? 2005's OPEN SEASON and their 2003 debut THE DECLINE OF BRITISH SEA POWER, will be completed by the end of July and available on the shelves by the end of the year.

The four-man indie group, whose hits include WAVING FLAGS, FEAR OF DROWNING and NO LUCIFER, have purchased their own equipment and are recording the new album themselves in their own Pheasant Studios, with 15 songs currently being worked on.

Noble also stated that the band hopes Graham Sutton, who mixed their last release will join them in production.

The publication reported earlier this month that Noble has been working on a side project – a remix of ME AND Stephen Hawking for the upcoming Manic Street Preachers album JOURNAL FOR PLAGUE LOVERS.

Speaking to NME, the musician said that the track is "serious and silly at the same time", adding that he is not sure what format it will appear on the record in.

Fans of BRITISH SEA POWER can see Noble and his bandmates YAN (Scott Wilkinson), HAMILTON (Neil Wilkinson) and WOOD (Matthew Wood) live this summer at the Hop Farm Festival in Paddock Wood, Kent.

They will join a line-up which includes INTO TOMORROW hit maker Paul Weller, The Fratellis, DOVES and THE PIGEON DETECTIVES.

21/04/2009 17:16:58