Review of JCB Song Single by Nizlopi

JCB Song
FDM Records

Nizlopi JCB Song Single

Luke and John have been making music together since the day they first met on the school bus at the age of 13. The Nizlopi sound is one acoustic guitar, one acoustic double bass and two well educated and open musical minds. Nizlopi have been hailed by many as the UK's most talented and exciting acoustic duo of recent times.

JCB song has warmed the UK's heart over the Christmas period and was still sitting pretty at number one in the singles chart for the majority of Christmas day. The endearing lyrics tell the story, as seen by a child, of an amazing day out – messing around – with your Dad. Although the Dad is only a JCB driver, everything is seen through child's eyes and the story paints the warm picture of a time we can all remember, when our own parents are our super hero's. The video is also amazing, make sure you check it out.

Nizlopi's debut album 'Half These Songs Are About You' is available to buy now.

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