Review of My Soul Single by Nitin Sawhney

Review of Nitin Sawhney's single 'My Soul'.

Nitin Sawhney My Soul Single

Nitin Sawhney's latest single 'My Soul' from his recent album 'London Undersound' released on Cooking Vinyl features the Beatle himself Paul Macartney! It's a great single that creates a wonderfully creative positive radio friendly track. The mix of East meets West in a tapestry of pop melody and sophisticated music orchestration exemplifies class personified. It's soothing, uplifting and joyfully elegant. A testament to great British music and an example of a fusion of cultures leading the way.

We also get 'Ek Jaan' (Bob Holroyd Deep Blue Mix) to take us to the spiritual realms of Indian soul and sophistication.

Tareck Ghoneim

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