Maggie Poukkula, 19, found the 1987 photos in one of her father's books and she has thrilled fans of the band by sharing them via Twitter.

Poukkula's dad, Tony, was a friend of Kurt Cobain's and the gig took place in his basement in Raymond, Washington.

The pre-Dave Grohl Nirvana line-up featured in the shots included Cobain, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Aaron Burckhard, while Poukkula appeared on acoustic guitar.

Maggie tells Rolling Stone, "My dad showed me them (photos) a while back, but he never mentioned what was going on in the photos. I found out because of all the articles (surrounding new documentary Montage of Heck).

"I had no idea that those were during Nirvana's first concert... I didn't realise it was such a historical thing. I thought they were just cool pictures of my dad and Kurt jamming together."