Nirvana's famous MTV UNPLUGGED concert almost split the group up because the trio couldn't agree on noise levels and the sound they wanted. Former drummer Dave Grohl has revealed the fabled November, 1993 was all drama in rehearsals - and almost ended when he considered quitting. The Foo Fighters rocker explains, "Most bands would play their hits like they were at Madison Square Garden, except with acoustic guitars. "We thought, 'Rather than do an acoustic version of Smells Like Teen Spirit... let's see if we can learn this (David) Bowie cover.'" But the rehearsals didn't go smoothly: "Kurt (Cobain) would turn to me and say, `Can you play quieter?' Eventually I said, `Do you want me to just split?' I was barely touching the drums." According to Rolling Stone magazine, a producer then handed Grohl a pair of Pro-Mark Hot Rod drumsticks, made from bundled pieces of wood. He adds, "We ran through a song, and Kurt's face lit up. Those sticks saved the entire show." Nirvana's MTV Unplugged appearance has just been released on DVD.