Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl was shocked the first time Kurt Cobain dived into his drumkit because he didn't know the tragic rocker had a penchant for onstage self-destruction. Grohl's kit had sentimental value for the drummer as he'd saved up money he made painting houses one summer to buy the equipment, and he was devastated when Cobain wrecked it during a show in England.

He recalls, "I didn't know Kurt had a habit of diving into drummers. So in England, he jumped into my drumkit like some sort of EVEL KNIEVEL s**t.

"It looked so painful. I mean it's like diving into a pile of sheet metal. Kurt once said that he aspired to be a stuntman... He had no fear and a high tolerance for pain. Launching yourself into a set of drums f**king leaves marks. It's crazy.

"I think he did just to get the pain medicine."

23/07/2005 01:39