The frontman of Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor - has paid tribute to his friend and former band member James Woolley, who was announced to have passed away earlier this week. The singer and Oscar winning film composer told how he has fond memories of working with the keyboardist, despite his brief tenure.

Trent ReznorTrent Reznor pays tribute to James Woolley

Woolley worked with Reznor in Nine Inch Nails from 1991 to 1994, but despite the brevity of his involvement, he was there for some pretty significant moments in the band's career. He worked on their critically acclaimed second album 'The Downward Spiral' - which included the songs 'Hurt', 'March Of The Pigs' and 'Closer' - and even performed with the band for their legendary Woodstock 1994 set.

'Terrible news regarding James. I hadn't crossed paths with him for some time, but always thought of him fondly', Reznor told Rolling Stone. 'He was a fun character to be around, a solid musician and a genuinely good guy. Those of us from that era of the band have been sharing 'James' stories ... lots of laughs and love and sadness. Wishing his family the very best.'

Woolley's former wife and mother of his three children (Brendan, Mary and Anne) Karen Van Buren originally broke the news of his death to the public via Facebook, though didn't specify a cause of death; she merely revealed that he had been struggling with neck and spine problems for some time.

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'I met James Woolley in late 1991 at the Sunset Social Club in Los Angeles. I was with my friend Tatiana enjoying the live band, then stood in the long line for the ladies' room. James was sitting on a chair nearby. We started talking and it was love at first sight', she wrote in her moving tribute.