Review of Burn Faster Single by Nine Black Alps

Nine Black Alps
Burn Faster
Single Review

Nine Black Alps Burn Faster Single

Imitating the golden age of the Manchester Brit-pop scene. Reverberating the sound of the Stone Roses and Blur, Nine Black Alps are bringing rowdy back, with their own more modern twist. "Burn Faster" is a short, revivifying and bona fide article ripped straight from the streets of modern England.

It captures the anger and frustration of a modern generation; the drugs, the booze, the casual sex, the hypocrisy, the abuse and the rebellious nature of a new generation of teenagers in little less than three minutes.

Nine Black Alps are the undermined voice of a modern brand of teens. If they get the notice they undoubtedly deserve there's no telling how big they can be.


Daniel Black

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