Nina Nesbitt thinks her new album ''matches'' her dark hair.

The 23-year-old singer has dyed her locks from peroxide blonde to brown, and the star thinks her new makeover reflects the ''honest and stripped back'' tone of her upcoming tracks.

The 'Stay Out' hitmaker told the Metro newspaper: ''My debut album 'Peroxide' was young and fun, whereas this one is a lot more honest and stripped back. It kind of matches the hair, if that makes any sense.''

And the star believes she has embraced a more calmer sentiment than when she was a teenager, as she used to be ''raging'' if she ever split up with a former lover, but now she would deal with a break-up differently.

She explained: ''When I was younger, i'd always be raging but now IO'm more like, 'Whatever, your loss.'

''I've had a boyfriend for three years so he hasn't had to deal with any of that.''

Meanwhile, Nina has revealed her worst experience was performing at T In The Park because she was hit with stage fright and started her song on the wrong note.

She explained: ''T In The Park in front of 10,000 people. It was a really big gig for me, a home gig. I was so nervous that I came in at the wrong key - it was so bad.''