Review of Stay Out EP by Nina Nesbitt

Born to Scottish and Swedish parents, Nina Nesbitt is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter who first picked up a guitar three years ago.  Radio support has been provided by Fearne Cotton, while support slots with Ed Sheeran and Example have also increased her exposure, coming after both artists had been impressed by her work.  This summer will see her hit the festival trail and follow it with a headline tour in the autumn.

Nina Nesbitt Stay Out EP

On appearance alone Nesbitt could be Simon Cowell's next meal ticket; an attractive late-teen to package pop music around and to saturate the market for 12 months.  Within one listen of 'Stay Out', the appeal of this starlet goes infinitely beyond physical; she possesses an ability to write an acoustic pop song with anthemic qualities and quirky lyrics.  The exuberance of a night out is married to a social commentary on people trying to fit in, done in an incisive manner reminiscent of Alex Turner on Arctic Monkeys' early work.  It isn't quite as witty as something like 'A Certain Romance', but it impresses nonetheless. 

The supporting tracks to the main release are also cause for interest with 'Just Before Goodbye' taking a country direction on which Nesbitt displays a maturity beyond her years.  'No Interest' finds her sounding like Lily Allen and providing a peak at teenage life and relationships, while 'Status' really demands your attention again.  A brooding piano number, it articulates the feelings of a bruised relationship in a way that most couldn't, and it is this ability that means the hype already building around Nesbitt comes with justification.  Whilst a release date has not yet been announced, her debut album is certainly one to be looking forward to.

Alex Lai

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