Nina Dobrev posted an instagram photo of her posing topless to promote ‘Obamacare’.

The Vampire Diaries star was only covered by a card that read #getcovered, a reference to President Obama’s ‘Affordable Care Act’.

The 24 year-old actress wanted to make the American public more aware of the healthcare benefits the new federal statute provides, as it makes health insurance affordable and accessible to those who may not be able to afford it.

Along with the photo, Dobrev posted a caption that read “Im Canadian. We have healthcare for all," the 24-year-old star explained in the caption. "If you dont have insurance go and #GetCovered ,Because w/o it, youre naked."

Dobrev is the latest of many celebrities who use their high profile status and social media platforms to try and spread the word of the new health act.

American rock band Pearl Jam tweeted "If you want to make sense of the whole healthcare thing, or just want to #GetCovered, check out #KnowYourOptions”.

Other celebrities who used also used the #getcovered slogan on twitter were Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Sarah Silverman and John Legend, plus many more.

The government’s vision with the health act is sign up at least 2.7 million young, healthy Americans in Obamacare's insurance plans in their first year to offset the costs of sicker beneficiaries.

The opposing parties, led by Rublician lawmakers have countered the attempts of promoting on twitter by branding their own slogan, which reads #trainwreck, to demonstrate that they thought the law was not ready to take effect.

The Republican Senate’s official twitter account posted #ObamaCare health exchanges still suffering from glitch, after glitch, after glitch. #TrainWreck.

Hopefully the ‘#getcovered’ trending slogan will reach the American public and they use the benefits of the ACA.

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Nina Dobrev nearly bared all in the name of 'Obamacare'