Nile Rodgers has been working on new music with Kanye West.

The 'Le Freak' hitmaker revealed that the controversial 37-year-old rapper recently sent him a track to work on, although it is not known whether the song will appear on Kanye's forthcoming seventh studio album.

The 61-year-old musician added that he also hoping to collaborate with Pharrell, Prince and soul-singer Janelle Monae.

He told The Daily Star newspaper: ''There are so many people I want to jam with - Kanye West sent me a track, I'm dying to work with Janelle Monae, then there's Pharrell and Prince.''

Meanwhile Nile has being kept busy in the studio by several other musicians including 80s rockers Duran Duran, Avicii and electronic duo Disclosure.

He said: ''I wrote 15 songs with Carl Cox, 10 songs with Avicii, a couple with Disclosure.

''I love Duran Duran - we're getting together to so something again.''

Despite his age, the Chic guitarist has assured fans that he has no plans to stop making music any time soon.

Nile said: ''I want to make music that gets butts on the dancefloor. I haven't stopped doing that since my first single and I'll keep doing it.''

He added: ''I'll never stop working.''