Nile Rodgers has teased an unreleased Adam Lambert and Avicii collaboration.

The guitarist took to Twitter to reveal he has been chatting to the singer about the unheard track, after the three musicians teamed up to create 'Lay Me Down' for Swedish DJ Avicii's debut album 'True', which was released last year.

The Chic man wrote: ''Just had a great chat with @AdamLambert in Sweden about one of the awesome unreleased songs we wrote w @AVICII - Yeah! (sic)''

Fans were quick to respond, with one follower tweeting: ''If it's released, we'll be waiting!'', while another joked, ''My god, Nile. Do you ever stop working for a moment? (sic)''

Meanwhile, the 61-year-old musician, who has had recent success collaborating with Daft Punk, recently found a collection of lost material that disco group Chic recorded nearly 30 years ago.

He said ''I'm doing a new Chic album now. When I was working on my solo album and David Bowie's solo album back in 1883, I was cutting demos with my old band.

''I like to affectionately call it the 'Lost Chic Tapes' because they just disappeared until recently. I've already written hooks to five of the songs. They're so amazing.''