Nile Rodgers sleeps with his guitar.

The 62-year-old producer and guitarist revealed he still has to practise every day to be on top form, and enjoys playing the instrument in bed which means he ends up snoozing next to it.

He admitted: ''It's funny, he said he tried sleeping with it, I still sleep with my guitar. I do most of my practising in bed in night before I go to sleep.''

The star - who kicks off his tour of the UK at London's Roundhouse this evening (20.03.15) - made the comments after fellow guest on BBC Radio 2, iconic guitarist Mark Knopfler spoke about how he had attempted to kip with his guitar as a youngster.

He said: ''I think when I got my first guitar I tried to sleep with it on the very first [night] but it doesn't work. Electric guitars get very uncomfortable.''

However, the Chic musician - who premiered the group's first single in 23 years, 'I'll Be There' on BBC Radio 2 this morning - insisted if he didn't practise every day, his live show would suffer.

He told radio host Chris Evans: ''I have to. I always say that if I don't go one day without practise, I know it. If I go two days without practising, you know it.''