Nile Rodgers and Rudimental are collaborating on a new remix of CHIC's 'Le Freak'.

The dance legend and BRIT Award-winning group are enlisting the services of 100 young people across the UK in association with GoThinkBig - a work experience initiative formed by O2 and Bauer Media - to contribute to a new release of the classic track which first topped the charts over 30 years ago.

The lucky 100 people selected will fill roles ranging from producing the song, to creating a music and working at a live music event where the track will be showcased.

Nile said: ''I know the feeling of rejection from when I started out and for many young people it's hard to get their first career break. That's why I've joined forces with GoThinkBig to offer up opportunities to remix my most successful track, 'Le Freak', and inspire young people across the UK to dream big.''

Rudimental's Amir Amor added: ''There are so many talented young people across the UK who all too often don't get the chance to prove themselves in a real work environment. That's why we wanted to get involved with GoThinkBig, using this amazing chance to remix one of the all-time great tracks to offer up opportunities for people to get a foot on the career ladder.''

Youngsters aged between 16 and 24 eager to launch their careers can apply for a host of different roles by visiting