MOTLEY CRUE star Nikki Sixx claims to have once witnessed Hustler founder Larry Flynt offer a female movie star $1 million (GBP555,555) to perform oral sex on her.

The bassist alleges the wheel-chair bound pornographer made his indecent proposal to "either Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch", but admits he was so "high" he can't remember.

Sixx explains, "Anyway, we were at his house and ALTHEA (Flynt's late wife) was there, and I was there with TOMMY (LEE), everyone was there, and we were f***ing out of our minds high.

"We're in Larry's bedroom and there was a movie star there, and the part that's frustrating is that no-one can remember who the movie star was. It was either Sophia Loran or Raquel Welch.

"And Larry goes over in his wheelchair and moves this big picture on a hinge, and behind it is the hugest vault I've ever seen.

"He goes into the vault and he pulls one million in cash out, and he wheels himself over and lays it on the table. I'm sitting' there going, 'F***.' I don't even have two cents, y'know?

"And he goes to the movie star, 'I'll give you a million dollars if you let me lick your p***y right now.' That's a win-win situation: she gets the million dollars, and she gets head. And she said no.

"And I was thinking, if I only had a p***y. Although if I'd had a p***y, I would have been in Poison."

27/07/2004 21:19