Nikki Reed didn't speak to her father growing up.

The 'Twilight Saga' star was estranged from her dad Seth Reed for years because she felt ''bitter'' towards him for divorcing her mother Cheryl Houston when she was just two years old.

Nikki wishes things had been different but as a child she found it difficult to understand why her father had left her and her brother Nathan.

In the new issue of Zooey magazine, she said: ''We weren't close growing up and I guess it was both of our faults. He was waiting for me to come around and I was bitter about him divorcing mom. As a kid, you don't have the mental capacity to understand why adults make the decisions they make and sometimes you hang on to that.''

Despite enduring many difficult years, the 24-year-old actress insists she and her father now enjoy a close relationship and the pair are now very close.

They dealt with their issues during a heartfelt meeting during which Nikki told her dad she needed him to always be there for her and wanted him to call her everyday, ''dig deeper'' with her life and tell her that he loves her ''every time'' he ''hangs up the phone''.

Nikki - who is married to former 'American Idol' contestant Paul McDonald - also lived with Seth for a short period after a messy break-up and she insists they really bonded when they shared a home.

She said: ''I was already way past the age when you're supposed to be living with your parents, but I told him, 'I have enough money to live by myself, but I would like to live with you for a little while. It would make me feel more complete coming home and making dinner together instead of being alone in my apartment and eventually rushing to fill a void.' ''