It's nice to see that Nikki Grahame hasn't lost any of the charm she displayed on the UK version of 'Big Brother' ten years ago, as she brings her legendary tantrums to the small screen once again for the fourth season of 'Big Brother Canada'. 

Nikki GrahameNikki Grahame is still her melodramatic self

Deja vu much! Any 'Big Brother' fanatic will remember series 7 back in 2006. Viewing figures reached 4.7 million as no less than 22 housemates passed in and out of the house over a period of 93 days. Tourettes sufferer Pete Bennett was the winner, with Imogen Thomas and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace featuring among the other housemates. Sure, it wasn't as popular as series 3 which starred Jade Goody, but it came close, and one of the people that was largely down to was Nikki Grahame, then 23. 

Famous for her ultra-dramatic tantrums, including one regarding a fellow housemate which landed her the catchphrase 'Who IS she?!', she proved that she hasn't changed a lot in ten years as she proceeded to have a meltdown over the food situation on 'Big Brother Canada'.

During one of the house challenges, she ended up being told that she'd be eating nothing but 'slop' for an entire week; something which she took dramatic exception to. 'I'm trying to be calm and rational here. I could probably handle sleeping on the floor but not the food', she told Big Brother in the Diary Room, her voice breaking as tears filled her eyes. 'That's the final straw. I can't do it.'

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She is then seen firing off in the bathroom, whining loudly to housemates, 'I can't bear to be in this asylum anymore! I f***ing hate it', and 'Oh God, why does everybody think it's okay to be in this torturous environment? Why?', and, one of our favourites, 'Remove me from this agony!'

That's pretty much our reaction whenever we're faced with a new diet. 'I'm self-combusting, that's what's happening!' She informs Big Brother. We have to give her credit though, she does yield to her fate in the end despite her utter disgust. Though she does half-jokingly request prescription drugs to get her through the turmoil.

Keep doing you, Nikki!