Actress Nikki Blonsky has taken up a job as a make-up artist in a New York salon to help pay off her bills.
Blonsky, who played Tracy Turnblad in 2007 musical Hairspray, is working at Superstar Hairstylists in her hometown of Great Neck after obtaining a cosmetology licence.
The 23 year old insists she is "proud" to be working in the shop, and plans to continue to audition for acting roles.
In posts on, she writes, "It's true I'm workin (sic) at Superstar Salon as a make-up artist & more. I'm proud to be workin & helpin (sic) pay bills but I'll never loose (sic) sight of my dreams... Just cause I'm part time workin doesn't mean I'm gonna give up on my dreams (and) don't give up on yours. I might book something big soon, keep positive."
Earlier this summer (Jul11), Blonsky denied reports she was employed at a shoe store after falling on hard times, telling fans she wanted to "experiment" by working at the boutique.