Nikki Blonsky's first same-sex relationship only ended this year.

The 'Hairspray' actress - who revealed over the weekend that she is gay - had a ''wonderful'' introduction to dating other women but didn't think their romance would ever work out.

She said: ''I had a girlfriend, ex now, but we didn't part on bad terms. I think she's wonderful. I will always wish her well, but it was just simply it wasn't going to work. She was a wonderful first female for me to be with.

''It's been officially over since January. It was, uh, it was just this year.

''Everything happens for a reason. I'm now seeing what's the future holds for me relationship-wise, who knows, but I'm not going to lose sleep. It is what it is.''

The 31-year-old star previously had a non-binary partner but is currently single, which she's comfortable with.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: ''I had dated someone who is non-binary, Dani. Everybody has been putting it in the media saying they didn't know if we're still together, and we're not.

''We couldn't be further apart. So let's just put that out there.

'' I'm single. I'm not with anybody. I am with me and I am loving it.''

Nikki praised her first boyfriend, Anthony Carr, for how supportive he's been throughout her coming out journey.

She said: ''I fell in love for the first time on set. I was 17. Anthony Carr was my first boyfriend and he was in 'Hairspray'.

''He has been so incredibly valuable in my coming out. He's been there for me every step of the way.

''I was kind of most nervous telling him because I love and respect him so much. He couldn't have been kinder and he calls me every day to check on me. I'm just so incredibly grateful.''

The 'Queen Sized' actress is happy single but she does have a profile on dating website Tinder, though her first match with another woman didn't prove particularly promising.

She laughed: ''I got a Tinder match from a girl and her first question to me was what it was like to kiss Zac Efron.

''I just thought, 'How did you think that was going to work out, opening with that question? Did you think we were going to fall madly in love?' I wrote her a really nice message back saying, 'He's wonderful, thank you.' That was that.''