Nicole Scherzinger was the guest of honour at last night’s launch of EE, the 4G network. And to add a real sense of occasion to the event, she was wearing the first ever ‘Twitter Dress.’ The elaborate garment was designed by Cute Circuit and included 500 Swarovski crystals, according to STV, as well as around 2000 LED lights, which displayed messages posted to Twitter, when users included the address @EE and the hashtag #tweethedress. So, as Twitter users posted messages, they scrolled across Nicole Scherzinger’s… er… lower regions. We’re not entirely sure WHY this dress was invented but it sure looked interesting!

They’d done a decent job of hiding all the necessary battery packs and LED fittings, anyway and Nicole was looking sumptuous as ever in the silk chiffon dress. We’ll bet she was pretty warm inside all those lights, though; especially when she took to the stage to perform ’Try With Me’ and the Pussycat Dolls song ‘Don’t Cha’ Nicole may have been the only celebrity there in a ground-breaking Twitter dress, but there were plenty of other stars out in force last night.

Kelly Holmes, Pixie Lott and Jimmy Carr were also in attendance at the event, which was hosted by EE, the company that owns Orange and T-Mobile, to launch the UK’s fourth generation mobile network. Tomorrow, of course, will be back to normal for Nicole Scherzinger, as she will return to the judging panel on X Factor.