Nicole Scherzinger believes Pussycat Dolls were “ahead of [their] time”.

The ‘Don’t Cha’ hitmakers were known for their raunchy dance routines and daring costumes but with their reunion tour ahead of them, the 42-year-old star insisted fans will be buying tickets because they love their songs.

And Nicole hinted that the artists who have followed Pussycat Dolls to success are far more risqué than they ever were.

She said: “I think our music speaks for itself, which is why we were always such a global success.

“We were ahead of our time and I think the Rihannas, the Miley Cyruses definitely stripped past us and now with the Cardi Bs and the Nicki Minajs it’s a completely different show.

“I think what’s really important was our intention of empowering women and our focus is to put on the best show we possibly can.”

The ‘Buttons’ group’s tour was originally postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now scheduled to take place in May, and Nicole is excited about getting on the road with the group because she’s in a better place to enjoy the experience this time around.

She told The Times Weekend magazine: “Nothing could have prepared us for that whirlwind that would hit with the success of Don’t Cha — there was no sleep and a different country every day for several years.

“And I was a different person back then. I’ve evolved. Then I was very hard on myself.

“I was always thinking, ‘What’s the next hit? What can be better?’ I was never really just living in the moment and enjoying it. But coming back you can truly appreciate it.”

The brunette beauty – who has spoken openly about her struggles with bulimia – has changed because of her life experiences.

Asked what made her different now, she said: “It’s called life, it’s called loving, it’s called heartbreak.”