Louis Walsh has reportedly revealed that his fellow ‘X Factor’ judge Nicole Scherzinger has had a boob job, while appearing on ‘Celebrity Juice’ this week.

The music mogul filmed an episode of the often-explicit game show on Wednesday evening (November 2nd), when he potentially let slip a piece of news that Scherzinger might have wanted to keep from the public.

An audience member told the Daily Mirror the following morning: “The celebs were playing a game called 'What's The Craic' about different stars with secrets and someone made a comment about Nicole's boobs.

Nicole ScherzingerLouis Walsh claims Nicole Scherzinger has had a boob job

“Louis then blurted out, ‘Yes, they're new boobs! She has new boobs!’ Everyone gasped and there was an awkward silence afterwards. He didn't seem to be joking.”

Erm… well, the 38 year old former Pussycat Doll has appeared in public wearing a number of slightly more ample outfits around the chest area than usual, leading some to speculate that she may have had breast enhancement surgery.

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However, a spokesperson for Scherzinger then told MailOnline later the same day that Walsh was mistaken. “This isn’t true. Nicole is lucky to be blessed with amazing genes and is just getting hotter as she gets older.”

On the other hand, MYA Cosmetic Surgery Surgeon, Dr Riccardo Frati, told the same publication: “It is evident that Nicole has had a breast augmentation. I presume that she had round implants above the muscle as the appearance are very typical of a large round implant that sits above the muscle.”

In the past, Scherzinger has been open to the idea of cosmetic surgery. “I haven't had cosmetic surgery,” she told the Mirror four years ago, “but maybe I would, in time. I'm not against it, if you want to enhance something or make yourself feel a little bit more confident. To each their own.”

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