Nicole Kidman's movie career is nothing short of a success, but the cost of fame and fortune has often left the Australian actress's family and personal life in turmoil as it is no secret she has experienced some amazing highs and shattering lows over the years.

Nicole Kidman
Kidman has experienced some very high and low moments in her personal life

In a rare occurrence, the Oscar-winning star recently opened up about her past struggles in a revealing interview in the new issue of The Edit, recalling her journey to find the happy place she finds herself in now.

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Kidman, who is currently married to Australian country music star Keith Urban, whom with she has two younger daughters, Sunday, 6, and Faith, 4, opened up about leaving Hollywood to live the family life in Nashville.

"There's only a certain amount you can do once you have a children and a family. They say your art gets affected when you have a family, but I would much rather have a family," she told the magazine.

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The 'Grace of Monaco' actress, who was previously married to Tom Cruise until 2001, credits hers and Urban's happiness to meeting later in life.

Kidman and Urban have been married since 2006

"Keith always says, 'We're lucky we met late in life,'" she said. "The sadness of that is that we can't have six kids together, but the greatness of that is we've gone A-Z with all that other stuff, so now we're totally present for this."

While attending one of her beau's recent concert, Urban dedicated a song to Kidman as it was their wedding anniversary, saying into the microphone, "Eight years, baby girl. This song is for you. I love you so much." This very romantic gesture even made the 47 year-old actress's close friend's jealous, she told the mag, "I had two girlfriends sitting with me [at the concert] and they were like, 'Bitch!' I went, 'Hey! I've been to hell and back."