Nicole Kidman helped plan her daughter's wedding.

The 'Grace of Monaco' actress was asked to stay away when Isabella Cruise tied the knot with British IT consultant Max Parker in a secret ceremony at London's Dorchester Hotel on September 18 in order to keep the ceremony a secret, but she wasn't upset by the snub and had a private celebration with the couple instead.

A source said: ''Nicole was actually involved with the wedding preparations and she did have a private dinner with Bella and Max. But she didn't go to the ceremony.''

As well as the desire to keep the wedding private, it is believed the actress didn't attend because of the troubled relationship she has with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The source added: ''Also, the animosity between Tom and Nicole was probably a factor.''

Tom and Isabella's brother, 20-year-old Connor, also stayed away on the big day to avoid it turning into a ''circus'' but the 'Mission:Impossible' star was happy to foot the ''expensive'' bill for the wedding.

The source told MailOnline: ''Isabella and Max met in London through friends. The ceremony was low-key but very expensive.

''Tom picked up the bill and paid for everything, but it was decided that neither he nor Nicole should attend as it would have turned the whole event into a circus.''

Isabella, who graduated from the exclusive Delamar Academy of Make-up and Hair earlier this year, lives in London where she works as a hairdresser.