Nicole Kidman loves to make "under the radar" trips back home to Australia.

The 'Days of Thunder' star was born in Hawaii but grew up Down Under and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Keith Urban and their two daughters - Sunday, 14, and Faith, 12 - but she's revealed she regularly makes secret trips back to the country to visit family - explaining they "jump in and out" fairly regularly.

Speaking during an appearance on 'Studio 10', Nicole said: "We jump in and out quite a bit. Sometimes under the radar which is always lovely too ... The girls love it too. So we're very much always back and forth. It's a huge part of our life seeing my sister and all my nieces and nephews and mama."

Nicole is also mum to two adopted children - Isabella, 30, and Connor, 28, with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

The actress' admission comes after her husband Keith revealed the couple always try to put "family first". They both juggle parenting their two daughters with their busy careers and Keith, 55, revealed they try to maintain balance when it comes to their responsibilities.

He told Fox News Digital: "It's always family first. "It's balanced, so it means it goes out of balance sometimes, and we just put it back in balance. It's never perfectly in balance, but we get it back on track."

Keith also compared it to maintaining a garden, admitting to takes a lot of work. He told Woman's Day magazine: "I do the same things I did at the beginning when we started dating,' he said. "It's tending to the garden. If you don't do the work, the garden starts to grow over, and then you complain that the garden is not very interesting and you look for another garden. I maintain this garden. "Nicole is also my best friend. I've never had anyone on the planet who knows me as well as she does."