Nicole Kidman thinks she's a ''very punctual'' person.

The 48-year-old actress, who has been the ambassador for the watch manufacturer Omega for 10 years, believes she's very good at keeping on schedule because it shows ''good manners'' turning up on time and following the running order.

Speaking to DuJour magazine, she said: ''I'm very punctual. I so appreciate punctuality. It's such a great thing when people actually show up on time and run accordingly. Being on time is a form of respect and good manners.''

The flame-haired beauty, who is gearing up to launch Omega's new Ladymatic watches later this year, prefers to wear vintage watches because there's an elegance to them.

She explained: ''I've collected watches now for years. Omega has just done this exhibition, which has their line of watches all the way from 1902, which I love.

''I've worked with them for a decade now and I've always been like 'You've got to show your vintage watches, because they're exquisite and they show the history of the brand.' I love to wear a watch. I love to know exactly what time it is. I think there's an elegance and a sophistication to wearing watches. They're beautiful, beautiful pieces.''

Nicole was first drawn to work with the Omega over a decade ago because she loves the way they create gorgeous pieces for their female buyers.

She said: ''A lot of times, watches are for men, but Omega is very engaged in their female watch buyers. They want women to wear watches, not just because it's elegant and functional, but also because it's in support of our lifestyle and wanting us to manage our time.''