The day after it was announced that the upcoming Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, had had its March 2014 release date delayed indefinitely, the organisers of the Cannes Film Festival have announced that the film will now open the prestigious event in May, reports Variety.

Nicole Kidman Grace Of Monaco
Nicole Kidman Shines As The Glamorous Grace Kelly In 'Grace Of Monaco.'

The film, which is directed by Olivier Dahan ('La Vie En Rose), was originally set for release in November 2013 but was pushed back to March this year by The Weinstein Company, taking it out of the Oscar runnings this year.

Apparently, it is Harvey Weinstein who is behind this latest decision to delay release. "It just wasn't ready," The co-chair said at the Zurich International Film Festival last year. "The score wasn't ready, a lot of things weren't ready." (Via Screen Daily).

Watch The 'Grace Of Monaco' Teaser Trailer:

The distributors announced yesterday that Grace of Monaco is off the release calendar and a new date has yet to be set, without explaining the decision, according to the AP. It is reported that Dahan and Weinstein being at odds over the film has ultimately caused the delay.

According to the director, who spoke to Liberation, Weinstein wanted a "a commercial film, that is to say at the grass roots, removing everything above [...] removing all that is cinema, everything that makes life."

Grace Of Monaco
The Biopic Has Had Its Release Date Delayed Several Times.

"It's right to struggle, but when you confront an American distributor like Weinstein, not to name names, there is not much you can do. There are two versions of the film for now: mine and his [...] which I find catastrophic," Dahan said.

The film features Nicole Kidman ('Moulin Rouge') as the titular actress-turned-princess at a critical time in her life when she is married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco but has been offered a role in Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie, forcing Kelly to have to choose between her new royal life and her old Hollywood film star lifestyle. At this stage, it is not known which version of the movie will be shown at Cannes.

Grace Of Monaco Movie
Despite Having Its Release Delayed Indefinitely, 'Grace Of Monaco' Will Open The Prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Grace of Monaco will premiere on the first night of the Cannes Film Festival on the 14th May 2014. On the same day as the opening, the film will be shown in selected cinemas around the world.