Nicole Kidman "craves the extremes".

The 56-year-old actress has worked across a variety of genres and says she loves pushing herself to try new things.

She told The Hollywood Reporter: "I made 'Dogville' after 'Moulin Rouge'! I went from lavish extremes to … I’d come from sequins and trapezes, top hats, hundreds of people singing and dancing. And suddenly I was in Sweden for 'Dogville', completely in the dark. But then I went to Spain and made 'The Others' with Alejandro Amenábar, who didn’t speak English. I even worked here in Nashville on 'Stoker' with director Park Chan-wook, who also doesn’t speak English. I crave those extremes, those emotions. I’ve definitely had an extreme life."

And, Nicole revealed that she is always surprised by the reactions her movies elicit from fans.

She said: "There are always surprises. I have people come up to me about all different films, and the things that reach the most number of people aren’t necessarily the ones that get the most passionate response from people. Obviously there have been massive hits, and you go, 'Well, that worked!' But it’s the ones that find their way to people. I am amazed people even know who I am. My kids say to me, 'Gosh, you can’t go anywhere that you’re not known.' That’s always what surprises me."