Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban listen to music in bed together.

The 'Grace of Monaco' actress says lying in bed with her country singer husband and listening to their favourite records is the ''thing'' they do to feel more connected and romantic.

She confessed to Britain's Glamour magazine: ''When Adele released her album a few years back, we lay on the bed at 11pm and we listened to it from start to finish. That's our thing.

''We did that with the Daft Punk album. We were like, 'This is cool'. We turn off all the lights, and we just lie on the bed in our bedroom and listen to music and all the other stuff that goes with that!''

Nicole, 46, has daughters Sunday, five, and Faith, two, with Keith and can't bear to be separated from her loved ones, so they travel the world together like a ''gypsy family''.

She said: ''I started working when I was 14 and I think partly where I'm at right now with my children has drawn me to working around the world. Not just in Australia, because I want them to see the world. I take them with me wherever I go. We're like a gypsy family.''