Hollywood star Nicole Kidman will forever be thankful for her daughter SUNDAY ROSE, because she tried for years to have a child of her own.
The Aussie actress gave birth to her first biological child in 2008 after years of heartbreak following a series of false hopes and a miscarriage.
And the superstar insists she never forgets how lucky she is to have a child of her own, and be mum to two adopted kids who are "healthy and sane".
She tells the Associated Press, "It took me so long to get pregnant and have a baby, so I have enormous gratitude.
"I have two grown children with that enormous gratitude that they are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people. So I'm not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have."
Sunday Rose is Kidman's tot with singer husband Keith Urban. She is also mum to Isabella and Connor, from her marriage to Tom Cruise.