Nicole Kidman's glamorous appearance in American Civil War film Cold MOUNTAIN has been blamed for the movie's lack of OSCAR success.

The Anthony Minghella directed film was hotly tipped for multiple ACADEMY AWARDS nominations last month (JAN04) - but only managed to pick up one nod in a major category for Jude Law's leading performance.

Now a source on the film has revealed "intense debate" occurred in the editing suite over Kidman's flawless appearance as ADA MONROE, and suggests this was ultimately responsible for the movie's disappointing Oscar showing.

They say, "During the editing it was obvious that Nicole looked far too glamorous. She was playing a down-trodden farm owner struggling to survive during the American Civil War, yet she looked like a cover girl.

"There was intense debate involving Anthony and executive producer HARVEY WEINSTEIN about digitally smudging Nicole's appearance, roughing up her cheeks, that sort of thing. In the end, time and cost ruled it out.

"Nicole's appearance dents the credibility of the film and may have cost it Best Picture."

04/02/2004 09:12