The cost of a visit to the cinema is beginning to put people off as the average price of the ticket, parking, food and drink continues to surge. New research finds that costs on top of tickets were worse for families and that central London remained the most expensive part of the country for cinema prices.

PaddingtonPaddington was a major hit for the British film industry in 2014, though prices continue to rise

46% of the 5,000 people questioned blamed costs for the reason for not going to the cinema. YouGov's Vidisha Gaglani said cinema faced challenges on "a number of fronts."

She said: "Piracy and torrents of new movies are rife, television has arguably never laid down such a cinematic challenge, and squeezed film financing has led to more sequels and arguably less variety."

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Tickets in central London remain the most expensive in the country, with the price of a basic adult ticket at Leicester Square Vue Cinema set at £14.65. A family ticket (two adults and two children, or one adult and three children) is £38.40 during off peak times, though £47.50 during peak times.

The added expense of 3D films, snacks and drinks is pushing costs even higher, however, Gaglani said it was all part of the "cinema experience."

"While cost keeps many people away from the pictures, it should be remembered that people go to the cinema because of the experience as much as they do because it is a practical way to see a film."

Research by the British Film Institute showed the average cost of a cinema ticket has risen by 26% over the past five years.

2014 was a strong year for British independent film in particular, with Paddington and The Inbetweeners 2 grossing over £70 million. 

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