Nicole Eggert’s Baywatch career is long over, so it’s only natural that the actress and her co-stars would want to dish on some behind-the-scenes secrets now, such as the highly restrictive weight clause in their contracts. You’d expect a show, known mostly for its extremely athletic cast and skimpy red swimsuits to have some sort of rules on appearance, but it’s still a surprise to learn just how harsh those rules were.

Nicole Eggert, Splash Practice
Nicole Eggert has managed to stay in shape even after Baywatch, as she demonstrated on Splash earlier this year.

Eggert, along with Tracy Bingham, a castmember between 1996 and 1998, both confirmed that any weight fluctuations beyond five pounds up or down, could get them booted off the show. The two were joined by former castmembers David Hasselhoff, Parker Stevenson, Brande Roderick and David Chokachi on ABC's Good Morning America, and all had some curious details to share.

"If you did anything to gain or lose weight, etc., you were in trouble,” Bingham explained.

Tracy Bingham, Night of 100 Stars
Bingham also testified to the show's restrictive policies.

While that sounds harsh and extremely restricting, the excuse can be made that this was a show that thrived mainly on the actors’ bodies. Some other goings-on from the Baywatch set, however, sound even more frustrating.

“When I auditioned for the show, I was asked to try on a suit and it was Pamela’s,” Bingham said, referring to the show’s headliner, Pamela Anderson, who did not attend the reunion. “I didn’t think it would fit, but it did. So, yeah, it was pretty awkward from the beginning.”

In fact, it was those iconic red swimsuits that were the root cause of a lot of discomfort for the Baywatch stars.

“We had plenty of moments where [the suit] didn’t really stay on,” Eggert said. “Especially the top too because it had a really low back so one little slip and the shoulder came off [and] you know what happens when the shoulder comes off.”

David Hasselhoff, BGC Global Annual Charity Day
It wasn't made clear whether the male co-stars were subject to the same clause.