Nicolas Cage vomited on his prom date.

The 50-year-old actor admits he was riddled with embarrassment when he took a stunning young lady to his school dance as a youngster and his excitement became too much when they locked lips afterwards.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper's Event magazine, he said of his most embarrassing moment: ''I took the most beautiful girl in the world to my prom. After kissing her, I was so excited I threw up on her and the sidewalk. I've never been able to forget that. I'd guess that she's never forgotten it either.''

Despite managing to land himself a hot date for the school prom, the 'Kick-Ass' star admits he didn't have many friends as a child but had the ability to make his classmates fall into fits of laughter.

Describing himself as a youngster, he said: ''The classic example of a child with his head in the clouds. I was often by myself. I would always be making my classmates laugh. I was the class clown, a prankster.''

However, Nicolas doesn't just like to make people laugh as he also thinks it's important to be honest.

He explained: ''My best trait is also my worst, and that's honesty. I've done some good being honest. I've also hurt a lot of feelings speaking my mind.''