Ironic shirts with Nicolas Cage’s face are apparently a thing now, so the actor is taking it to another level. How about Nick Cage wearing a shirt with Nick Cage’s face on it? Insert dated Inception joke here.

The actor/national treasure was also rocking a blue jacket, cowboy hat, a pair of shiny, shiny sunglasses and what looks like several strings of Mardi Gras beads, while attending a Guns’n’Roses concert. It’s the most 90s thing you’re ever going to see (this week).

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The picture was posted on the Guns’n’Roses Instagram. Cage and G’n’R are apparently really good friends. He even took a bow onstage with the band after the show.

Ok, so Nicolas Cage wearing a shirt with Nicolas Cage isn’t quite as meme-worthy as McCaulay Culkin wearing a shirt with Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt with McCaulay Culkin, but we’re giving Mr Cage points for overall style. It doesn’t quite top the outfits in his upcoming movie Rage (about a reformed criminal, who seeks vengeance after his daughter is kidnapped), but we’re still kind of jealous of Mr Cage’s capacity for not caring one single bit. May he live long and keep making the world a little bit weirder.

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Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage - a shining beacon of weirdness for us all.