There is no doubt that a mystique has always surrounded the life of Nicolas Cage, and this can be seen translated into his movie career due to the bizarre and unique projects the 50 year-old actor has taken on over the years.

Nicolas Cage
Cage has chosen some rather questionable movie parts over the years

Throughout his storied career, Cage has received critical acclaim for starring in films like 1995's 'Leaving Las Vegas' and 2002's 'Adaptation,' and he has also featured in box office hits such as 2010's 'Kick-Ass' And 2009's 'Knowing.' But at the same time, Cage has also consistently worked on an array of very unsuccessful, disappointing flicks.

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The Oscar-winning actor recently opened up to The Times Magazine about his unusual career choices, dealing with critics and people's opinions of him.

"I'm proud of the chances I've taken. They haven't all worked, but I had a concept and I've pushed for it," he said. "It's probably annoyed a lot of critics and a lot of people who didn't get in step with it, but I'm proud I did it. Tolstoy said something to the effect of, it doesn't matter whether the response you get is love or hatred, because you've created an effect. What's not worthwhile is when it sits there and people forget about it. But whether people love it or hate it, at least you've done something. That gives me some solace."

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Rather than slamming his questionable movie roles, Cage thinks critics are quick to judge him due to a lack of understanding.

"Sometimes I feel like an outsider," he admitted. "When you're endowed with an original way of thinking, or with a highly active imagination, you can become quickly ostracized. You can feel isolated and misunderstood."

Cage thinks critics have trouble understanding him at times

The talented actor is regularly targeted by online trolls who like to make fun of, and constantly discuss, his personal life, which he confessed does affect him.

"I care about what people think of me," he said. "Some of the snarky comments people make can get under my skin. I can be a bit of a broken record at home when I read the things that are said about me. But I have to just stop belaboring these things and let it go, rather than complaining to my wife all the time."