Forget all the Nicolas Cage pranks you've ever read about. Forget the Wrecking Ball video. Forget, it all. All you really need to do for the next 10 minutes is relax, grab a coffee, and flick through the gallery below - for it contains one of the finest examples of sibling rivalry of all time.

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage at the Berlin Film Festival 2013 [Photo: Getty Images: Credit: Pascal Le Segretain]

Let me start by fleshing this one out a little: essentially this guy is on the hunt for revenge after his brother called Nicolas Cage a big "d-bag". He's obviously a big Nicolas Cage fan. Big enough to cut out 1000+ Nicolas Cage heads and plaster them around his stupid brother's house. These things are everywhere: in the ice trays, on the toilet paper, on ALL of the family photos, in EVERY pair of socks. Everything.

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The hilarious prank - up on this guy's imgur account - also contains a running commentary.

"So my brother thinks Nicolas Cage is a big d-bag. We have a history of pranking each other in ridiculous ways, so my gf and I came up with the idea..."

"MFW finished cutting 1000+ Nicolas Cage's stupid face"

"Starting in the entryway, we covered his family photo's faces with NC"

"Annoying NC's in the bathroom"

"He couldn't work out why the remote wasn't working. We had wrapped the batteries in tape as well"

"There are hundreds of Faces he is yet to find hidden throughout his house, some that aren't shown in photos are: Covering the laser on his computer mouse, filled inside the mailbox plus more that I can't reveal in case he sees this post!"

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And for all you Nicolas Cage fans: the man himself has no less than 7 movie projects in development, including The Dying of the Light - a drama-thriller with the talented Anton Yelchin.