Nicky Hilton is releasing a new fashion line with eLUXE.

The 30-year-old socialite - the sister of Paris Hilton - is to collaborate with the Canadian online brand on a 10-piece capsule collection.

Nicky says the collection will contain varied pieces that represent all the different aspects of her lifestyle.

Speaking to, Nicky - who is engaged to James Rothschild - said: ''I thought it would be fun to do a small little collection that's very reflective of my lifestyle. I put something for every girl in this small capsule collection. I feel like I'm this hybrid of this New Yorker and Angeleno and so there's this Upper East Side preppy-chic stuff and some California bohemian beach-girl stuff. It's a mix between East and West. Oh, and for the sexy girl, too. There short dresses.''

eLUXE's chief executive officer Duke McKenzie is thrilled to have Nicky working with the company as an 'Influencer' and revealed the fashion designer had a complete conceptual idea for the range before their first meeting.

McKenzie said: ''When she had her first meeting with us, she came in the doors with a complete mood board and knew exactly what feel she wanted and what items she wanted in the collection.''

The collection is Nicky's latest fashion venture following her handbag range, accessories line and own fashion brand.