Nicki Minaj has confused her fans and critics by supposedly supporting the republican candidate for presidency, Mitt Romney, reports The New York Daily News.

"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b----es are f---ing up the economy," raps Minaj on 'Mercy,' part of Lil Wayne's latest release. This has, of course, been construed, by some, as a direct message of support for the controversial republican candidate Romney, as he takes on the dwindling support for Obama, hoping to be elected America's 45th President. Many fans, however, believe the lyrics to be sarcastic in tone, and in fact a slight dig at those Americans who are in support of the right-wing Politian. Another twist in the debate comes from the fact that the beats produced for the song are by ardent Obama supporter Kanye West. Intriguing. 'Dedication 4' is Lil Waye's latest mixtape and features guest appearances from J.COLE and Young Jeezy.

Minaj has a mixed public relationship with her President. She has criticised him in the past over healthcare legislation in the U.S, using the micro-blogging site Twitter to do so, but has also shown signs of affection for America's first black president by saying, playfully of course, "Michelle, I got my eye on Barack Obama," suggesting that the rapper has a little thing for the 51 year old Honolulu born politician.