Nicki Minaj suffered a recent burglary in which around $200,000 of jewellery and possessions were stolen from her Beverly Hills home, in an incident which could have taken place as long ago as November 2016, according to new reports.

Los Angeles Police Department confirmed on Thursday (February 2nd) that the 34 year old star’s mansion was broken into at some point between November 24th and January 24th, with the police report filed on January 27th, according to Billboard.

Nicki MinajMinaj's Beverly Hills home was burglarised

The incident also seems to have been “personal” in nature, according to a separate report from TMZ, with the property “totally trashed on the inside” with “clear signs of forced entry in spots around the house”. As well as the stolen items, some of her clothes were cut up and picture frames were smashed.

There are currently no suspects at the time of writing, with police continuing their investigations, but it is believed to have been somebody who knows the singer personally.

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Minaj had apparently lived in the residence with her former boyfriend Meek Mill, the rapper to whom she was reportedly engaged for more than a year before they broke up in late December. The living situation at the property around this time is unclear, but Minaj was out of town when the burglary took place.

In response to the incident, TMZ additionally reports that the Trinidadian-born rapper has invested in a significant security upgrade to her property. It apparently includes a large number of cameras, as well as a squad of guards protecting the house 24/7.

Meanwhile, Minaj has patched things up with her old friend Drake since the split from Meek Mill, the Canadian star’s rap nemesis. She also hung out with Young Money co-founder Lil Wayne earlier this week.

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