Nicki Minaj just gave her critics some more ammo with another (maybe?) Lil Kim tribute. Nipple pasties? What is this, the 1999 VMAs? Well, no. Nicki Minaj rocked the (admittedly really cool) outfit to Hot 97 FM’s Summer Jam 2014 at the Met Life Stadium.

Nicki Minaj
See? It's a good look!

And let’s be clear here – for an outfit that features black and white hip hugging pants, and a shirt seemingly made of chainmail – the look works surprisingly well. This staff writer is definitely into it. And with Miley Cyrus having rocked the look back in 2013 and Miss Minaj giving it a spin now, we’re tempted to declare the comeback of the nipple pasty. You’ll have to consult the fashion blogs on that one though. 

As for her performance – remember the good old days when it was all about the music? Yeah, me neither – Nicki apparently killed it. It was a tough gig to pull off – not only did she headline alongside established acts like Nas, 50 Cent and Lil’ Wayne, it was also her first time at Summer Jam, having pulled out in 2012 due to a disagreement with a Hot 97 DJ.

Nicki Minaj, Drake
Nope, there's no beef here.

Minaj played the crowd as she commented about having problems with one member of YMCM.

"There's a n---a in Young Money that I'm not f---ing with right now," she told the crowd, as per The New York Daily News’ recap. "Drake, I used to love you, but n---a, I don't f--k with you no more!"

The tense moment ended when Drake came out onstage and the night flowed seamlessly into Drake’s set. Let there be peace in hip hop land!

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Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne at Summer Jam.