It was the men's turn on American Idol last night, though it's highly unlikely any of the male contestants on season twelve of the show will be competing for the crown in a couple of months' time. Over in the girl's camp, Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are arguably fully formed artists, though it's slim pickings in the rival gender.

Wednesday's semi-final was the best example of this, with a selection of the male vocalists singing tracks so horrendously predictable that the whole thing became a snooze fest pretty early on. I Believe I Can Fly? Really?

Each male singer has plenty of flaws to overcome should they want to be in with a sniff of the title come May, though Curtis Finch Jr probably represents the men's best chance of winning. USA Today said he has "the best pure voice in the competition," though unfortunately "comes off as arrogant even while he's saying Bless You." Elsewhere, Lazaro Arbos has a clear potential though is perhaps too emotionally fragile to be thrown in front of a camera and told to sing for millions. Paul Jolley, Nick Boddington and Vincent Powell basically have no chance, while Elijah Liu and Cortez Shaw will be forced to improve dramatically should they want to win a place in the live finals.

The highlight of Wednesday's show was Charlie Askew, who completely fell apart during a rage-filled version of Genesis' Mama (complete with tank-top, ponytail and feather earring.) The judges hated it. Charlie just about started to cry. Ouch.