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24th December 2013

Fact: Actor Nick Nolte has been cast in Gracepoint, a remake of the U.K. Tv series Broadchurch. The show centres on Detective Emmett Carver, played by David Tennant, who is the lead investigator into the murder of a young boy. Nolte will play the owner of a kayak rental shop, where the young child volunteered.

18th April 2013

Quote: "I hang out with Hare Krishnas. I just love their way of life. They chant and I like to chant... and dance... I am not a religious man but I like the spirituality of life." Actor Nick Nolte on his spiritual endeavours.

29th January 2012

Quote: "(Casting agents) called me the night before shooting started and said I had the role. And then they announced Harvey Keitel had it. And then Harvey was replaced with Martin Sheen. And then Martin Sheen had a heart attack on it! It must have been an intense experience, so I'm actually glad I didn't do it." Actor Nick Nolte was to be cast as the leading role in Apocalypse Now.

26th January 2012

Quote: "I haven't even seen my own performance." Nick Nolte insists he won't be checking out his Oscars Best Supporting Actor rivals' movies.

9th December 2011

Quote: "I do one European film a year. I just did one in Spain, but I was the only person who spoke English. The rest could only speak Spanish. I can't remember who was in it but you would recognise the people. It was a great experience." Nick Nolte likes to shoot films abroad.

5th December 2011

Quote: "I live with death lately because I'm 70. After 70... you think about death." Actor Nick Nolte isn't making many long-term plans.

15th July 2010

Fact: Hollywood stars Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte are teaming up for a new TV drama set in the world of horse racing. LUCK, for U.S. cable network HBO, will be directed by Ali filmmaker Michael Mann and also star Dennis Farina and Gary Stevens. An air date has yet to be announced.

13th August 2008

Quote: "We were shooting off these big Howitzers with half loads but they were huge and, 'Wham!' the ground would shake. I didn't wear earplugs for some weird reason so I couldn't hear anything for several days." Nick Nolte briefly went deaf on the set of war movie The Thin Red Line.

13th August 2008

Quote: "These are the big tragic stories of the $100 million films that go glub, glub, like WATERWORLD. When they go bad man you're drowning. You're sitting in the trailer and wondering if it's ever gonna come out." Nick Nolte on blockbuster movies that go wrong.

14th January 2008

Quote: "In OVER THE HEDGE, I played a bear and I spent all this time listening to the sounds they make when they fight and mate, when they're angry and happy." Nick Nolte on how he prepared to play an animated bear.

22nd September 2005

Fact: <p>Actor Nick Nolte is taking his upcoming role as a high school baseball umpire in OFF THE BLACK seriously - he has been researching the part with officials in Bridgewater, New Jersey and studying calls made at Somerset Patriots games. </p>

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