Nick Mason says Pink Floyd will not play live again because David Gilmour doesn't want to hit the road.

The two musicians reunited this year to make new album 'The Endless River', which features multiple parts recorded by late keyboard player Rick Wright - who passed away in 2008 aged 65.

However, fans hoping for a tour by the legendary band will be left disappointed as guitarist-and-vocalist Gilmour doesn't want to play the record live.

When asked if the group could tour again at the Q Awards on Wednesday (22.10.14), Mason told BANG Showbiz: ''I would do it but Dave doesn't want to. So no there are no plans for any shows.''

Speaking after he collected the Classic Album prize for Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon', he added: ''It would be fun to play live, but it doesn't actually lend itself to a proper tour. It's something that you could play in UFO Club in 1967, it certainly isn't a stadium sort of event, and without Rick it's probably impossible. It's impossible to play, because the nature of it is that a lot of it is designed there and then - if one played it again, you wouldn't want to repeat what was one the record. It's not something where you learn it and play it.''

Mason also revealed he and Gilmour never considered asking former bandmate Roger Waters to play on the album because the music was originally recorded when they were making 1994 LP 'The Division Bell' which Waters didn't play on.

The 70-year-old drummer said: ''No it was never a consideration to get Roger on the record. All this music was stuff we did 20 years ago for 'Division Bell' which didn't have Roger on it wouldn't make sense to ask him.''

'The Endless River' is the most pre-ordered album of 2014 on, overtaking Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' and it could even overtake One Direction's 2013 hit 'Midnight Memories' as the most pre-ordered album of all time on the website.