Nick Mason has hinted there could be more Pink Floyd releases in the future.

The band have just released their first album of new songs for 20 years, 'The Endless River', and although the drummer is adamant there will be no more new tracks he says there could be re-issues of their classic LPs with unheard bonus material.

Speaking to Billboard, he said: ''There's always a sort of discussion going on about what we could do. And it tends to be one of those things that I think is probably more driven by the record company than us. But we're always open to their ideas.

''I know both Roger (Waters) and David (Gilmour) have at times mentioned they'd like to have a remix of Animals, which technically is perhaps one of our less well-recorded records. I think we'd just probably clean up some of the tapes and just sort of review it and see whether it can be enhanced. And if one was doing that, one might have a look at whether there's anything else to be done on it. But no one's got that down on their work schedule at the moment.''

Mason worked with David Gilmour on 'The Endless River', completing tracks that were originally recorded for 'The Division Bell' record with late keyboard player Richard Wright.

The duo intend to release some videos to support the new LP, including footage of the original recording sessions from 1993.

Mason, 70, revealed: ''We had the equivalent of GoPro cameras in the studio quite a lot for the actual recording sessions. So we've got some rather nice, black-and-white, one-position camera stuff of us actually playing this [music]. It's proof positive that we were actually all in the same room together at the same time.''