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Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Nick's 2 Hour Slot on "Gold" Radio (29/9/07)"See Emily Play" is one of my all time favourite singles (have tried for years to get hold of a copy)One memory I do have of it was in the Summer of 1968 (at the age of 14) Whilst staying at the (as it was then) Pwhelli Butlins Camp. Hearing it played whilst using the "Roller Skating Rink"The comments he made about John Lennon's Song Writing Talent (when playing "Strawberry Fields Forever" (which I hated (when it first came out) but it kinda grew on me over the years) From the Beatles Solo Albums, Found his was the ones I liked the best (was like you could take comfort from (if you were going through a particularly difficult time) Tomorrow would have been his 67th Birthday (often wonder how he'd have progessed (musically) if he were around today (most definitely couldnt see him as a "Pipe and Slippersd OAP!)I certainly wasnt offended by the lyrics of "Arnold Lane" (dont remember hearing it (on account of it being banned (on account of the "subject matter") Back then that type of thing wasnt talked about (along with Homosexuality etc)In the way it is today.Was also interesting to hear about the experiences the Band had in places like the U.S.A. (in their early days)Thanks once again for an interesting programme.Gillian Lewis

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by Gillian Lewis

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