Nick Grimshaw was left embarrassed when he vomited after smoking a spliff at a party hosted by Drake.

The 38-year-old presenter was invited to Drake's studio after the MTV VMAs in 2010 by his pal Florence Welch but admitted he was mocked by the other guests after he struggled to control his body's reaction to the drugs.

According to The Sun, he wrote in his autobiography 'Soft Boy': "Drake played some tunes and Flo wailed along while someone passed around a comedy-sized cartoon-like spliff.

“I chuffed down on it and smiled at Drake.

“I stepped a foot outside and proceeded to projectile vomit for what felt like 30 minutes.

“I stepped back in, pale and smelling slightly of vom. The room erupted into a fit of laughter.

“I looked up to see a CCTV screen showing the exact location of the vom incident. I had it live streamed into the studio.”

Nick also spoke about his friendship with the late singer Amy Winehouse, who he first met in Camden, London.

He said: "“We’d all go back to hers and fire up her electric sun bed. We’d sit on the floor side by side and toss our heads back into it to tan our faces while smoking fags and drinking a mini Red Stripe.”