Nick Grimshaw "slowly realised" that everyone suffers from anxiety.

The 38-year-old radio star explained that it wasn't until almost a decade ago that it dawned on him that everyone experiences some form of mental health issues and has started to practice self-care and wellness to combat his own troubles.

He said: "Eight years ago, I began to slowly realise that everyone has anxiety. It's not like a disorder. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're sad, sometimes your mad and sometimes you're anxious. I never thought about wellness. I'd hear people talk about it, but I didn't know what it was. When I reached my thirties, I started looking after myself. When you ge older, you're less bothered about superficial stuff. You start thinking about your brain, body, and what will make you feel better"

The former Radio 1 host went on to admit that he didn't sleep "properly" for a number of years but now incorporates good quality sleep, a healthy diet and exercise into his although his daily routine and joked that while his well-being tips are "not very exciting", they have become his "essential tools" that he practises every single day.

He told Heat magazine: ". Exercise is such a key thing now to make me feel not crazy. Eating well. Stuff that's nourishing -not dieting. And sleep!" I don't think I slept properly for years, but those are my three essentials now every single day! I have a veg juice every day. I love it if it tastes like soil and it's really green and earthy. I add mushroom powders. And I drink loads of water."