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5th January 2015

Fact: Rocker Nick Cave has teamed up with designers at Australian skateboarding company Fast Times to create his own limited edition board. The artwork was provided by top U.S. artist Chuck Sperry and features lyrics from Cave's Abbatoir Blues song Nature Boy.

6th January 2014

Quote: "I don't like cameras, full stop. They are the f**king bane of my existence and everybody has one. I do a concert these days and I'm singing into a bank of iPhones." Rocker Nick Cave is not a fan of cameras.

4th November 2013

Fact: Pop star Kylie Minogue joined rocker Nick Cave onstage in London on Sunday night (03Nov13) for a live performance of their 1996 duet Where The Wild Roses Grow. The gig at the city's Koko venue was filmed for Cave's upcoming documentary, 20,000 Days on Earth, which also features Minogue

17th June 2013

Quote: "I have talked to her about this: 'You'll get immortalised, you'll be in songs. But you've got to understand that anything vaguely interesting that happens between us will end up mashed into some sort of song.'" Singer/songwriter Nick Cave uses his wife Suzie Bick as his muse.

17th April 2013

Quote: "We have a kind of pact. She knows that she'll be immortalised in song, as long as I'm allowed to put every sacred moment that we have through the grinding mill of my imagination." Rocker Nick Cave's wife Susie is his songwriting muse.

4th February 2013

Fact: Tough guy actor Ray Winstone is showing off his vulnerable side in the video for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new single Jubilee Street - as a hooker's favourite client. The Sweeney star appears in various states of undress in the John Hillcoat-directed promo, in which he lies on the floor and kisses the naked prostitute's feet in one scene.

21st March 2012

Fact: Rockers The Flaming Lips have teamed up with pals like Yoko Ono, Nick Cave and KE$HA to record a special new album for next month's (Apr12) Record Store Day. The band's collaborations will feature on The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends. Coldplay's Chris Martin, Erykah Badu, Jim James and Bon Iver also hit the studio with Wayne Coyne's band to record tracks for the album.

18th September 2009

Quote: "There’s a particular video for Spinning Around that captured the minds of all Britain for a year. Kylie’s hot pants were all the tabloids could talk about. I think she has to take a certain responsibility for this novel, by wearing those hot pants." Rocker Nick Cave found inspiration for his new novel The Death of Bunny Munro in an unlikely place.

16th October 2008

Fact: Rocker Nick Cave has written a batch of new songs for a New York production of GEORG BUCHNER's play WOYZECK.

10th July 2008

Fact: Nick Cave AND THE BAD SEEDS are set to release a book detailing the creation of their latest album DIG, LAZARUS, DIG!!!. It will hit shops later this month (Jul08).

7th May 2008

Quote: "Kylie Minogue is the greatest thing that has happened to Australian music. Before her the world didn't have a f**king clue about our music, nor any interest in it. Kylie has more greatness in her little fingernail than every f**king Aussie indie band put together." Nick Cave has high praise for his WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW duet partner.

17th March 2008

Quote: "There's some people at the moment, you can see them dying before your eyes. And it's not the f**king drugs. They're being destroyed by the murderous tabloid attention." Nick Cave feels sorry for female celebrities.

16th March 2008

Quote: "It turned into a shoe-staring contest. Some things you're not prepared for, and that was one of them." Nick Cave upon meeting Bob Dylan at the Glastonbury Festival.

15th March 2008

Fact: Rocker Nick Cave's wife, SUSIE BICK, was the cover star of Roxy Music's VIVA album.

20th April 2007

Quote: "There's only a certain amount of songs you can write about p**sy, murder and God. I still have a few left in me." Rocker Nick Cave has no plans to retire just yet.

2nd March 2007

Quote: "In many ways my piano had started to feel like a disillusioned housewife - serviceable, but would yawn when I played it." Rocker Nick Cave explains his decision to learn the guitar for new band Grinderman.

23rd February 2007

Quote: "There are really no band names left. It's very hard to find a band name. Grinderman is a long and tedious story. But maybe I'll tell it." Nick Cave keeps quiet about the origin of his new band's name.

10th December 2006

Fact: A Gibson Les Paul guitar signed by a glittering array of rockers including David Gilmour, Nick Cave, Jon Bon Jovi, Brian May and SIR Elton John sold for GBP1,950 ($3,800) on auction website yesterday (09DEC06). Proceeds from the sale will benefit the War Child Charity.

27th March 2006

Quote: "It's the only thing on my face that seems to be flourishing these days." Nick Cave on his new Mexican-style moustache.

27th March 2006

Quote: "I've written an English seaside sex romp. It's funny, but it's really sad at the same time - it's a weepie." Goth godfather Nick Cave follows-up his THE PROPOSITION screenwriting debut with another film project.

20th September 2005

Fact: <p>Torch singer Nick Cave has written the screenplay for The Proposition, set in his native Australia in 1880. The gloomy rocker and poet is also working on a treatment for a possible GLADIATOR sequel. </p>

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